Give the gift of adoration!

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Adoro Lei is once again tapping into the creative talents of fellow New Yorkers to keep things fresh. This time, the Hudson Square hotspot collaborated with well-reviewed comic artist and illustrator, Creees, to revamp the restaurant’s uniforms.


Alongside Creative Director Michael DiBugnara, Creees created an original design incorporating trademark NYC staples with the Hudson Square neighborhood as a backdrop. The city’s historic championship parades (affectionately called the “Canyon of Heroes”) inspired Adoro Lei’s very own “Canyon of Adoration.” 

The collaboration with Creees will revamp the restaurant staff’s uniforms and bring to life the distinct artistic concept that makes this NYC pizza restaurant so unique. But they are also for sale for our customers to enjoy!


According to DiBugnara, “I believe that adding layers of inspiration for our patrons elevates the overall experience. My favorite NYC restaurants and bars, always have a combination of great sounds, tastes and visuals. Any time I decide to create something new, the bar is set very high, and I am incredibly particular about who I involve. It is about their spirit and temperament being in line with a project, that in short, is about people adoring each other.”


Creees adds, “What I would like the customers to feel from my artwork is all the fun that is happening in the drawing. From the characters' costumes to the small food characters, I hope everyone can see and enjoy the diversity. I tried to incorporate Adoro Lei's logo, color scheme, and characteristics in the drawing. The whole feel of the piece (parade) seemed to fit the restaurant's atmosphere; elegant but fun.”